Transaction Practice

Transaction Practice

Sports and Entertainment Representation

Our attorneys have extensive experience in a broad spectrum of sports law, including the negotiation, drafting and consummation of commercial endorsement contracts, personal appearance agreements and the licensing of publicity rights for current and former professional athletes. Our practice also encompasses advice and counsel to management firms and agents regarding scope of permissible activities and the drafting and consummation of player-agent agreements.

Our client representation experience includes former and current members of the PGA Tour, Major League Baseball and the National Football League in connection with investment, appearance, endorsement and private jet travel agreements.

Our entertainment practice includes the negotiation and drafting of recording contracts for emerging artists and independent labels, producer agreements and various publishing and royalty agreements representing both publishers and authors in the literary context and the development of treatments for programming content for syndicated media projects.

Significant transactions include:

  • Negotiation and drafting of a commercial endorsement agreement between a PGA Tour Member and a real estate development entity for a mixed use golf course development.
  • Negotiation and drafting of an agreement between a major software development company and a PGA Tour Member for the creation of an interactive computer game.
  • Negotiation and drafting of the purchase of a fractional ownership interest in private aircraft for various PGA Tour Members and current and former members of the National Football League.
  • Communication and negotiation of various agreements with front office management of various Major League and Minor League Baseball organizations as well as The Office of The Commissioner of Major League Baseball and The Major League Baseball Players Association.
  • Negotiation of contract terms between a client Coach and a Major League Baseball Team.
  • Negotiation and drafting of contract terms between a client Manager and an Independent Minor League Baseball Organization.
  • Representation, negotiation and drafting of a complex Partnership Agreement on behalf of former members of the National Football League regarding commercial endorsement and promotional obligations in connection with the formation and administration of a promotional venture.
  • Representation, negotiation and drafting of an agreement between a PGA Tour Member and a nationally recognized memorabilia vendor.
  • Advise and counsel to several PGA Tour Members regarding interpretation and dispute resolution involving various commercial endorsement agreements.
  • Development of treatment for a syndicated talk show host.
  • Representation of NCAA collegiate athletes in connection with institution transfers.
  • Representation of NCAA athletes in connection with alleged systemic coaching abuse at a PAC 12 institution.
  • Representation of NCAA client athletes in connection with the process and procedures of professional sports draft eligibility.
  • Interface and negotiation with the NCAA regarding alleged coaching abuse at a member institution.
  • Representation of a recording artist in conjunction with recording label opportunities.
  • Representation of musician drummer of a national recording artist.
  • Advice and counsel to national recording artist in relation to nonprofit strategies for faith-based film projects.
  • Representation of a nationally acclaimed author in connection with copyright infringement matters.
  • Representation of a Pulitzer finalist and critically acclaimed author in connection with manuscript matters.
  • Representation of professional athlete marketing and promotional venture.
  • Representation of ASCAP on behalf of recording artists in connection with copyright infringement claims.